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Repair Procedure
Content Topics

1 What is Color Sand & Buff
Why it is a Necessary Procedure!

2 News Articles

2.1 Allstate Drops Ban on CS&B

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3 Authoritative Oganizations and Technical Groups

3.1 Motors Guide

motor information systems graphic for reference

Motors guide to estimating CS&B

3.2 I-CAR's Uniform Procedures
Refer to I-CAR’S UPCR (uniform procedures for collision repair) link RF81-Finish Defects 9.1 - 9.4
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3.3 Mitchell refinish labor guide
mitchell auto repair experts
De-nib and Finesse

3.4 PPG's Clearcoat Defect Removal
ppg logo paint photo

ppg paint industries pic
Procedure and Recommendations

3.5 CAA's Position on De-Nib
CAA California Autobody Association report and guide on basecoat reduction from
De-Nib Alternative to Finish Controversy

3.6 Toyota Topcoat Refinish Bulletin
toyota image for autobody topcoat refinish procedures presented by lexus image for topcoat procedures scion image for topcoat refinish procedures by
Toyota Sand and Polish position

4 Insurance Company LIst:
Those that pay for the CS&B

4.1 California Department of Insurance Code of Regulations information

california depatrment of insurnace

3.1 - Motors Guide to Estimating
'Color, Sand and Buff'

motor information systems graphic for reference

Information obtained from and courtesy of, Motors guide to estimating

MOTOR Information Systems is proud to be the premier supplier of automotive data in the world. Since 1903, MOTOR’s mission has been to provide customers with accurate, thorough and timely information to help run their businesses more efficiently, effectively and more profitably.

Motors guide recognizes the need to, De-nib / wet sand and/or buff for polishing and is referenced in their publication.



Calculations for clear coating an undamaged panel are based upon the outer surface only and should not include additions for underside, inside, or edges of the clear-coated panel. There should be no overlap deduction between refinished or clear-coated panel(s), nor should this procedure be applied towards the maximum clear coat allocation. Clear coating may be necessary for adjacent body panel(s) to nearest break point (see Refinish Clear Coat Application). The following formula may be considered in the event this type of procedure is required on an undamaged panel.

• Each clear coated panel(s)

40% of panels Base Refinish Time


• Back tape opening (handle, lock cylinder, mirror)

• Bonding / adhesion coat application (if required)

• Clear coat application

• Clean component (solvent / detergent wash)

• Clean in preparation for material application

• Initial wet sand or scuff

• Mask adjacent panels (3 foot perimeter)

• Mask / close gap between adjacent panels up to foam tape (over spray)

• Mask glass opening

• Mask / protect grille radiator opening (over spray)

• Remove masking

• Tack wipe surface (when required)


• Correction of pre-existent surface imperfections

• Damage repair

• De-nib / wet sand and/or buff for polishing

• Masking of attached parts

• Material costs

• R&I of attached parts



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